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Summer Solstice with Trio Americano

  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Singer/Songwriter Yaniel Matos of Cuba,
Percussionist Café Edson da Silva of Brazil
Cellist Eugene Friesen of the USA

This special evening of music celebrating the Summer Solstice will include original and traditional songs, instrumentals and stories of Solstice traditions in North, Central and South America.

Yaniel Matos has studied cello and piano from the age of eight. 

In 2008, Matos created a "Cuba Jazz Plus", a quintet of contemporary jazz formed by Cuban jazz musicians. He released his first solo album in 2008, "On the Move". 

In 2014 he releases his new album "La Mirada" where he finds in the notes and words the closeness that binds him to both cultures, Cuban and Brazilian. "La Mirada"  was named by the Music Resource Group (MRG) as a Nominee of the 14th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential awards program for independent artists and releases at the Jazz with Vocals category. 

In 2016, he has released "Carabali" with songs based on rhythms typical of the south of the country, Santiago de Cuba, such as French Rumba, Bembé, Conga, and Rumba, and stand for a part of the African heritage in Cuba, which Is represented by Cuban percussion instruments. The music in Carabali does not hide its flirting with European music and jazz. The influence of musicians such as Cecil Taylor, Elgar Varese, Alejandro Garcia Caturla, and Amadeo Roldán, can be clearly seen and felt against this new background. Also in 2016, he was member of the jury of Independent Music Awards.

TICKETS are $15 at the door.  There are no advance tickets on sale.

Café Edson da SilvaCafé” is Edson Aparecido da Silva, the Brazilian Percussionist, Singer, Composer, and Producer, whose over 40 year career has garnered international recognition and respect. As a prolific artist, powerful performer, sensitive musician, and consummate professional, Café has made an immeasurable contribution to Brazilian, Jazz, Popular and World Music. With his vast talent and unique perspective,  he has enhanced the work of countless artists and served the spirit of the music.

Café was born in Villa Maria, São Paulo, Brazil. His dedication to the drums began at the age of 8 when he became entranced by the Afro-Brazilian rhythms he heard and felt at the spiritual meetings he attended with his parents. In his late teens, his musical studies included classical training for the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo, but his passion for the rhythms of his heritage took him to night clubs where he began playing jazz and popular music. In his early 20’s, Café moved to Rio de Janeiro with a theater troupe and began studying percussion technique at the Villa Lobos School. For three years he performed with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Brazil in their National Arts Programs Seis e Meia and Project Pixinguinha.

Since relocating to the US in 1985, Café has recorded, performed and toured with innumerable artists all over the globe. His career and talents have spanned the musical genres of Brazilian, jazz, rock, pop, classical, latin, world, and folkloric forms. 

As a Master Percussionist, the breadth of Cafe’s knowledge extends far beyond traditional Afro-Brazilian and contemporary Brazilian rhythms into Latin, African, and the African Diaspora. A dedicated educator, he has shared his knowledge in many settings, from universities and professional music academies, to cultural organizations and public schools. Café currently teaches workshops at the Julliard School in New York City, and is on faculty in the “Samba Meets Jazz” programs (Bar Harbor, ME/Rio de Janeiro).

Café continues to mine his vast musical gifts in a myriad of ways, from exploring new possibilities in rhythm, reflecting on global human issues in song, broadening into classical composition, to creating new work in Brazil with his equally talented family of musicians. His musical journey is also a spiritual one. He is always seeking to enrich his spirit, honor the ancestors, and express gratitude to God the Creator for the beauty of life. “Music is the Art of expressing the many different feelings of our souls in the form of sound.” 

Eugene Friesen: A graduate of the Yale School of Music where he studied with Brazilian cellist Aldo Parisot, Eugene Friesen is active internationally as a concert artist, composer, conductor and teacher. In 1995 and in 2006 Eugene won a Grammy Award for musical contributions to two Paul Winter Consort albums, “Spanish Angel” and “Silver Solstice.” He has worked and recorded with such diverse artists as Dave Brubeck, Toots Thielemans, Betty Buckley, Will Ackerman, Joe Lovano and Dream Theater.

As conductor of the Berklee College of Music String Orchestra in Boston, Eugene has composed and arranged a diverse repertoire of work for strings utilizing his love for improvisation and rhythm in contemporary, jazz and world fiddle styles.

Eugene was the 1999 recipient of grants from the Lila Wallace/Reader’s Digest Fund and Continental Harmony to compose a symphonic setting of Carl Sandburg's PRAIRIE, which was premiered in June of 2001 in Kansas.

Eugene's passion for the responsive flow of improvisatory music has been featured in concerts all over the world with the Paul Winter Consort and with Trio Globo (Friesen,Howard Levy and Glen Velez). He has performed as a soloist at the International Cello Festival in Manchester, England; Rencontres d'Ensembles de Violoncelles in Beauvais,France; the World Cello Congress in Baltimore, Maryland; and the Rio International Cello Encounter in Rio de Janeiro.

Recording credits include five albums of original music: New Friend, Arms Around You, The Song of Rivers, In the Shade of Angels and Sono Miho.

Eugene is an artist-in-residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, and on the faculty of the Berklee College of Music in Boston..

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